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Cllr Stafford is supporting local residents who are fighting plans to change the road layout of Longfield Avenue, which could cause serious problems leading to more accidents in Ealing town centre. The Gordon Road And Surrounding Streets (GRASS) residents association came to Full Council to express their horror at this decision, especially as they were not fully consulted on the matter. The Ealing Gazette ran a piece on the changes, featuring comment from Cllr Stafford.

Longfield Avenue, next to the Town Hall, is one of a limited number of crossing points over the railway line in Central Ealing. The council is proposing to prevent left turns out of Longfield Avenue and right turns into it, at its junction with the Uxbridge Road, with the six month trial expected to start in February.

Local residents say that by restricting this crossing point there will be increased pressure on the remaining routes leading to increased queues at St Leonard’s Road, Springbridge Road and on the road past Ealing Broadway Station. They fear that some drivers may try U-turns in the Uxbridge Road to overcome the banned turns.

Susan Dean Chair of GRASS Residents’ Association said:

“The GRASS Residents’ Association, which represents several hundred households in the area, supports the local Councillors in their attempt to have a debate about this issue. To impose closures without any consultation is undemocratic; a discussion would highlight the residents’ concerns and help to achieve a reasonable compromise.  We believe that these proposals without any consultation or survey are completely unacceptable. The trial should not proceed until it has been properly thought through and the officers have discussed it with the Ward Councillors and the local community.”

Councillor Alexander Stafford said:

“Once again the Labour Council is running roughshod over the views and opinions of local residents. Just like with the forced introduction of wheelie bins to the area, views are at best being ignored and at worst being forced on people without full and proper consultation, either with the Ward Councillors or the local residents. Restricting Longfield Avenue will put more pressure on St Leonard’s Road and will lead to more accidents, not fewer. This decision needs to be urgently reviewed, putting the residents at the heart of any decision.”

Ealing Today reported on this campaign here.