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On Friday night Cllr Alexander Stafford went on night-time patrol in Ealing Broadway with the Ealing Street Pastors. The Street Pastors were founded in 2003 and now have over 15,000 volunteers patrolling the streets of the UK, helping out those in need.

The Street Pastors are motivated by their Christian faith and their primary aim is to provide practical care in busy town centres during weekend evenings. Whether ensuring people get home safely, providing a support network for the homeless or helping local night-time businesses provide a safe and secure environment for people to enjoy, the Street Pastors are making a real difference to Ealing’s night-time culture. The Street Pastors currently patrol Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Southall and Acton and have excellent links with the police and local businesses, as well as being a reassuring presences for revellers and visitors alike.

There are currently around 40 Street Pastors in Ealing, with volunteers coming from over 20 churches across nearly 10 denominations. In 2015 the Street Pastors undertook 72 patrols across the Borough, with 29 in Ealing Broadway. During these patrols the Street Pastors engaged with more than 800 people and picked up around 1,000 bottles and glasses to prevent them being used as weapons.

Cllr Stafford comments: “It was great being out with Trevor and the rest of the Ealing Broadway Street Pastor team to see firsthand all the great work that they do to improve the Broadway at night. From seeing them help the homeless in Ealing to the superb rapport they have with local businesses, the Street Pastors provide a real benefit to our community.

I know that they make our streets a lot safer so that people can enjoy a night out in Ealing in the knowledge that there are groups of volunteers ensuring that they have a safe and fun evening.

I would encourage everyone to get involved and if you see the Street Pastors out and about make sure you say “hello” – you never know when you might need them.”


Cllr Stafford on patrol with the Ealing Street Pastors