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Following on from the launch of the campaign to reduce suicides at Ealing Broadway Station, Councillor Alexander Stafford is pleased to report the introduction of retractable barriers has taken place, reducing access to some the fastest through platforms at the station. These will help to reduce accessibility at this suicide hotspot and potentially save lives.

These measures (pictured below) have garnered significantly support from Ealing residents and members of the public.

Councillor Stafford has received many letters of support from members of the community for these measures, including the below message from one witness to suicides at Ealing Broadway station:

“I witnessed the double suicide of the mother and daughter at Ealing, and I can honestly say that I have never quite recovered. It is a day I will never be able to forget.

To see that you have campaigned so hard for these improvements means a great deal to me, and I can only assume to many others as well…the retractable barrier that has been put in place, however, has put me at ease far more than I thought possible. I feel far safer and less anxious at the station than I have done in a year…these barriers are not only preventing suicide, but they are helping to prevent the effects that viewing such atrocities can have on those nearby, such as PTSD. I know my suffering has been in no way comparable to the families of those who have lost their lives, but I can only relate my own experience to you.  

Once again, thank you, Councillor Stafford. Your efforts and achievements are very much appreciated, and I wish you the best of luck continuing with your campaigns.”