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There has been welcome news for the preservation of Ealing’s historical town centre. Councillor Alexander Stafford’s high-profile campaign has aided the decision on the 9-42 The Broadway site to be “called in” by the Secretary of State. This means that the plans are on hold until a fully independent public inquiry has taken place. The inquiry will commence on 9th May 2017 and could last up to 12 days.

The current plans involve the demolition of some of Ealing’s much-loved Victorian and Edwardian heritage and the inclusion of an 18 storey tower block looming over Haven Green.

This success, and Councillor Stafford interventions, have been reported in the Ealing Gazette. Responding to this promising news, Councillor Stafford commented:

“This is welcome news for all who value our history and heritage and for those who don’t want Ealing to be turned into an identikit town centre, with looming skyscrapers and no personality. We have not won yet, but this call-in has demonstrated the government’s willingness to listen to the people of Ealing, rather than the Labour-controlled council who care little about turning Ealing into a dystopian nightmare.

I will continue to play a full and active role in trying to stop these vandalistic measures that will denigrate our town centre. I encourage everyone to take part in the inquiry so that the voice and opinions of Ealing residents are fully heard. We cannot allow our history to be at the whim of the developer’s wrecking ball.”


9-42 The Broadway to be called in by the Secretary of State