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Councillor Alexander Stafford has been supporting residents against the Longfield Avenue changes. Following the introduction of charges on July 4th this year, Labour-run Ealing Council began to fine drivers for turning right into Longfield Avenue from Uxbridge Road, and left into Uxbridge Road from Longfield Avenue, claiming it would ease congestion and boost safety following a “number of accidents” at the junction. However, in the period July 4th to October 7th this year, a total of 4,650 motorists were given a Penalty Charge Notice for breaching the ban, on average 48 fines a day, rather than the originally estimated two fines a day. This has cost residents £229,684 so far.

Councillor Alexander Stafford commented:

“This exorbitant amount of money fined demonstrates that the changes to Longfield Avenue were made purely as a money-raising exercise. Time and time again the residents and motorists have been against these changes and it is a disgrace that the Council went ahead without any real consultation. If there were genuine concerns over safety, residents would have been fully consulted prior to any changes; however, this has not happened. The signage is wholly inadequate, and is clearly designed to catch people out. It is a phenomenal amount of money – up to a million pounds a year – and is a tax on motorists. It is astounding that it has raised this much money in such a short period of time.”

Councillor Alexander Stafford’s comments have been reported in the Daily MirrorEaling Gazette and Get West London.