As a passionate believer in localism and community being at the heart of society, I work hard to promote and foster a sense of community and belonging – both in Ealing and further afield.

I believe that the bedrock of a functioning society is an educated population with a thirst for knowledge and a passion to learn. I am a keen supporter of local schools, with a willingness to address them, and educational bodies where I have regular meetings with local educators. However, education is about more than learning the ABC, which is why I have been promoting financial literacy for children to ensure that they are equipped from an early age with the skills they need for later life. Nevertheless, academia is vital too and therefore I have a strong connection with the local university – the University of West London.

A strong community needs a clean and green environment to flourish. By supporting and advocating environmental measures to make the area a healthier and more pleasant place to live, I hope that this will encourage more people to put down and grow roots, fostering a stronger society. From backing new environmental waste collections, to planting more trees and fighting to maintain frequent recycling collections, we all have a duty to look after our area.

I firmly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to support each other through both the good times and the hard times. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. As some of my grandparents came to Britain as displaced persons after the Second World War and were welcomed and looked after, so too do I have a duty to pass this support on. From supporting the local foodbank to advocating at the House of Lords for Credit Unions to provide alternative finance to those who need it, I will always stand up for those who need help the most and will continue to support a range of community organisations.