Rt Hon Owen Paterson, Member of Parliament for Shropshire North and former Secretary of State for the Environment: “I have known Alexander for many years and can confidently say he is a hardworking and dedicated local politician who also has a wide grasp of complex political issues. He is a committed councillor and has achieved much for his residents and local area.”

Andrew Rosindell, Member of Parliament for Romford: “Alexander is a hard working, dedicated politician. He cares deeply not only for his local area but about the country as a whole. He is just the sort of person we need to get things done and make society a better place.”

Angie Bray, former Member of Parliament for Ealing Central and Acton: “It was great that Alex could stand in for me at [various  parliamentary] hustings…he did a superb job representing me….his in-depth knowledge and passionate debating skills ensured that he won over many undecided voters and was a credit to the Party.”

Ealing Magistrate: “Alexander cares passionately for the area. He is a ‘go to guy’ for getting things done. On top of this he is a hard working supporter of charities and businesses in Ealing and far further afield.”

Ealing Journalist for the Ealing Gazette: Alexander is “one of the most active, engaged politicians I worked with”.

Ealing Broadway resident, Hollingbourne Gardens: “I admire your courage and your principles.”

Ealing Broadway business owner: “Thank you so much for all your support and i’m delighted you made such quick progress.”

Ealing Broadway resident, Grove Road: “I am extremely pleased and very grateful for all of your help.”

Ealing Broadway resident, Eaton Rise: “Thank you Mr. Stafford for your extremely fast response, so uncommon nowadays!”

Ealing doctor: “Recently the involvement and communication [from the Council] has improved and things seem to be moving in the right direction. Thank you for your involvement. ”